Richard Florida Speaking

From Jerusalem to New York, Richard Florida and the Creative Class Group have helped cities small and large on five continents develop economic development strategies.


Richard Florida is one of the world’s leading urbanists.

The Creative Class Group (CCG) is a strategy firm comprised of leading researchers, thinkers, and business experts. Drawing on our own proprietary datasets, we advise corporations, governments, non-profits, and universities on topics ranging from economic development and growth, competitiveness, talent attraction and retention, real estate investment and locational strategy, and inclusivity and sustainability.

Our approach centers on the proven research of urban theorist and CCG founder Richard Florida, author of the seminal book The Rise of the Creative Class. Making up about one-third of the U.S. work force (much more in some cities), the Creative Class collects half of all wages, and accounts for 70 percent of discretionary spending. No company, organization, or economy can afford to overlook it.

From Jerusalem to New York, CCG has helped cities small and large on five continents develop economic development strategies. We assisted BMW with its Ideas Class advertising campaign and advised Audi on its Urban Future Initiative, supported Art Basel’s introduction of Art Basel Cities, and launched CityLab with The Atlantic. Cirque du Soleil hails CCG’s research as its number one indicator for ticket sales. Starwood Hotels collaborated with the leadership team on real estate expansion, marketing and branding. We have also helped Philips, Converse, Kraft and many other companies target the Creative Class in their marketing.

Such a great job delivering the presentation today – you’re a fantastic speaker and I admire your ability! Many compliments to you from others at the meeting. Thank you again for going above and beyond by delivering this presentation…over the course of the next few weeks, the department will be resuming it’ work in this area and there may be further opportunities to work together again.

Juanita PowerPolicy & Planning Branch, Department of Economic Development, Government of YukonVP/GM, Jack Purcell/Converse