“Every single human being is creative. The biggest challenge of the creative age is to lift the bottom up and encourage a prosperous, vibrant and sustainable community for all.”
-Richard Florida.

Richard Florida and the Creative Class Group have donated a variety of services to several charitable organizations including:

  • health care organizations
  • humanitarian organizations
  • local and community arts organizations
  • economic development organizations\
  • communities and regions
  • universities and schools
  • child learning centers for creativity
  • local community initiatives
  • libraries and book expos which encourage reading
  • citizen diplomacy organizations
  • organizations supporting community good disability programs
  • environmental and nature conservation

I can tell you everyone on our team who was there found it inspiring and motivating to hear from you and discuss our program with you… wanted to share the positive feedback and enthusiasm from our end.

Brian RosevearVice President, Consumer Marketing Edelman for Kraft ProjectVP/GM, Jack Purcell/Converse