Miami Herald : Q&A with Richard Florida on Miami’s tech hub movement, upcoming Start-Up City: Miami

Back for a second year, Start-Up City: Miami, presented by The Atlantic and The Atlantic Cities, will explore the national urban tech revolution and its impact on South Florida. The Miami Herald spoke with Florida last year about his views on building a tech hub here, and they decided to find out how he thinks Miami is doing now. They also wanted to get the lowdown on Start-Up City (Version 2.0).

March 31, 2014
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MPI : Startup City: The Urban Shift in Venture Capital and High Technology

High tech startups are taking an urban turn. This is a new development. While large urban centers have historically been sources of venture capital, the high tech startups they funded were mainly, if not exclusively, located in suburban campuses in California’s Silicon Valley, Boston’s Route 128 corridor, the Research Triangle of North Carolina, and in the suburbs of Austin and Seattle. But high tech development, startup activity, and venture investment have recently begun to shift to urban centers and also to close-in, mixed-use, transit-oriented walkable suburbs. This report, which is based on unique data from the National Venture Capital Association, Thompson Reuters and Dow Jones, examines this emergent urban shift in high tech startup activity and venture capital investment.

March 31, 2014
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BBC : On track to mega-status

Richard Florida believes central Scotland has what it takes to be one of the world’s 40 or so mega-regions. It’s got the population density, income generation, skills, universities and creativity. What it also needs is a modern, fast rail network. The 20th century city sprawled with the motorcar, so further expansion will require high-speed trains.

September 19, 2013
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The Chronicle of Higher Education : Robots Aren’t the Problem: It’s Us

The dustbin of history is littered with dire predictions about the effects of technology. They frequently come to the fore in periods in which economies and societies are in the throes of sweeping transformation­—like today.The key to a broadly shared prosperity lies in new social and economic arrangements that more fully engage, not ignore and waste, the creative talents of all of our people.

March 25, 2013
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National Journal : 5 Strategies to Increase Diversity in Urban Tech Scenes

Entrepreneurial high-tech start-ups have taken an urban turn. Nowhere is this shift more apparent than New York City, which has emerged as the nation’s second-largest center of venture capital-financed high-tech start-ups, thanks to Google’s significant presence in the old Port Authority building in Chelsea and companies ranging from Foursquare to burgeoning tech-fashion players like Rent the Runway, Warby Parker, and Gilt Groupe.

December 19, 2012