Rise of the Creative Class News Articles

Rise of the Creative Class News Articles

The Detroit Free Press : Design industries are critical to Detroit’s future but need nurturing

Back in 2002, urban guru Richard Florida published his influential book “The Rise of the Creative Class,” which highlighted the importance of so-called “creatives” — artists, graphic designers, architects, and others — to the vitality of cities trying to overcome long-term decline. Florida’s book helped set the agenda for many a city, including Detroit, where the CEO group Business Leaders for Michigan launched the Detroit Creative Corridor Center in 2010.

November 15, 2018
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WIRED : Richard Florida: ‘The crash boosted innovation’

Richard Florida is the day’s last speaker at the London Conference, an annual gathering of influencers to debate the city’s challenges and opportunities, in November 2012.
The author of The Rise of the Creative Class has been cited — by such diverse figures as David Cameron and Bono — as an expert on how cities must evolve.

April 10, 2013
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Press of Atlantic City : Economist tells Atlantic City conference that ‘creative class’ is future of work force

What does it take to revitalize Atlantic City and other places hit hard by the recession, the housing-market collapse and the vanishing manufacturing industry? Economist Richard Florida answers by looking at how this market upheaval differs from others in American history.

November 5, 2012
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The Australian : Creativity as an engine of prosperity for any member of the workforce

Florida has published several books on the theme of the creative class including, most recently, The Rise of the Creative Class Revisited, a substantial revision of his 2002 volume.
The thrust of Florida’s thesis is unchanged: growth of creative industries depends on the “3Ts” — technology, talent and social tolerance. But he has refined his arguments and updated statistical evidence.

August 20, 2012