Who’s Your City Creative Class Communities

Who's Your City Creative Class Communities

Dayton Daily News : Dayton’s young, restless get creative

If Dayton wanted to impress somebody, it could do worse than Richard Florida.

Recently, he gave an interview in which he said:
“I was just in Cincinnati and in Dayton, another city I love. They’re historical centers of innovation … from steel innovation to aluminum innovation, to electronics, to the Wright brothers, to the car. This is one of the greatest innovative and entrepreneurial centers in the world.

“They have probably one of the greatest clusters of universities in the history of the planet. They’re producing phenomenal talent, but, unfortunately, that talent leaves. …

April 9, 2008
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Business Matters Magazine: Attracting Creative Talent to Noosa

Richard Florida believes creative people come in all colours and that they are the key to the new economy. If he didn’t already have a catchy name, Richard Florida could easily be dubbed Mr. T. His celebrated theory of economic prosperity is based on Four T’s. And it was his T for Tolerance that landed the personable American professor in Capital T Trouble when he flew into Noosa last November and media coverage played the gay card.

March 11, 2008