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Business Insider : These Are The Top-Ranked US Cities For Starting A Business

Richard Florida’s “Who’s Your City?” is a cool book that takes a look at the impact of where you live on your professional and social opportunities. Florida conducted research to understand what places attract entrepreneurial minds, how they do it, and its affect on the regions these places inhabit. He also takes a look at what cities represent the best opportunities to find a mate, start a family, be an empty nester, and retire.

October 4, 2011
Who's Your City News Articles

Jackson Free Press : [Stauffer] A 21st Century Boom Town?

In his latest book, “Who’s Your City?.” Florida expands on the work that he’s done in previous books to speak to two audiences. First, the book gives cities a sense of what they need to do to attract and keep the best and the brightest. Second, the book gives guidance to individuals trying to make the very important choice of where they want to live. How does Jackson rank?

September 16, 2009
Who's Your City News Articles

E-Commerce News : Going Global From Rural America

The flattening of the world increasingly makes it possible for anyone to do business from anywhere, as author Thomas Friedman has pointed out. However, that doesn’t mean place is irrelevant to business. In fact, it matters more than ever, according to author Richard Florida. At the intersection of Opportunity and Culture, the concepts of Friedman and Florida collide.

July 29, 2009